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10 techniques to succeed your SMS marketing campaign

Smart marketing campaigns may seem out of date for some, but they are a valuable marketing tool for others. Last year, 456,000 tweets were sent on average every minute. But it’s really very little next to the 15.2 million SMS that have been sent every minute. SMS is the most effective direct marketing channel. It has the best engagement rates – and is a lot less boring than a call. The opening rate of SMS is 99%, according to some reports . Now that most people use smartphones, it’s also a great way to attract people to your website. So, without further ado, here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns.

# 1 Target your messages

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Since most companies do not send SMS messages to customers as often as they can send emails, it’s important to make your SMS stand out. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you segment your audience so you can send them targeted messages. In this way, your messages are more likely to lead to a conversion. It’s a good idea to integrate your CRM system with the messaging platform you use. Thus, depending on the information you have stored, you can send messages based on demographics, purchase history, or even location. SMS marketing campaigns from brands like Pizza Hut and Kiehls targeting customers based on location, were hugely successful. Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom set up an SMS-based geolocation system to target customers who were within 800 meters of one of their locations. According to the SMS marketing tool, this campaign has proven to be more effective at generating sales than the company’s online advertising. Similarly, cosmetics brand Kiehl’s encouraged customers to sign up for their SMS campaign and sent them offers based on their location. 73% of people who registered bought something as a result of the messages.

# 2 Configure automatic messages

You can also target your customers based on their actions or even their inaction. Use automated messages to constantly interact with your customers. If they buy a particular item on your website, say a laptop, send them a text suggesting they might like a related article, such as a laptop cover. Maybe you could even offer them a discount. Because of the immediacy of the SMS, you can even send it before it leaves your website. Automatic messages can be useful to customers after all kinds of actions. 

# 3 Timing is the key

When your phone vibrates with the arrival of an SMS, you tend to open it with much more urgency than when you have an email notification. So, if timing is not the biggest consideration when sending emails, it is definitely worth considering carefully for your SMS marketing campaigns. If someone gets a message in the middle of the night, he may get up to check it out, but that’s it, so be sure to pick a better time for customers. By the end of 2017, Text Marketer, an SMS service provider in the UK, has released data indicating that, unlike email, the end of the week is proving to be the most popular time to send messages. Unlike email, many retailers also send messages on the weekends, especially in the morning. Keeping in mind the immediacy that accompanies SMS marketing, it is also wise to include offers that are time sensitive because it will encourage people to take action.

# 4 A short and accurate message

With SMS, it is important that you get to the point quickly. Most email services will break your text into pieces if you exceed 160 characters. Although most modern phones join messages in one consistent piece of up to 918 characters, it’s best to keep it short. People do not want to receive long, spam-like messages, and you will probably be billed for each piece.

# 5 Include a call to action (CTA)

As with all other marketing materials, it’s important to include a strong call to action in your SMS messages. Talk to them about an excellent new offer and ask the reader to “click here” or “buy now”. For example, a short message like: “Get 30% off your next order until Sunday. Buy now: Nike.Sneakers “ would be effective.

# 6 Use Brand Links for SMS Marketing Campaigns

Most CTAs will include a link to your website, but you will not want to use a long, ugly link full of UTM settings, especially when you are limited to 160 characters. While it may be tempting to shorten your links, using a URL shortener, it’s best to create a short custom link with your brand name. By using a custom URL in your SMS marketing campaigns, you not only increase the visibility of your brand and create a more orderly text message, but you can also see an increase of 39%your clickthrough rate. Brand links get more clicks because they are more reliable than a generic short URL. This is especially important for SMS marketing campaigns because people know that an SMS on their phone could come from anyone. But once people see that your brand name is associated with the link, they’ll feel more comfortable clicking on it, knowing that your business is not associated with spam or phishing sites. If you do not use branded links in your SMS communications, it’s really a missed opportunity to build brand awareness.

# 7 Use URL destination redirects

Links from Bitly or Rebrandly have many other benefits. One of the most convenient features for SMS marketing campaigns is that you can change the destination URL of your links. So, if someone in your marketing team makes a mistake with a link in the wrong place in your message, it’s easy to fix. And, if the special offer you sent to your customers has expired, you can also redirect this link to the most recent offer. So, if someone shows an interest too late, you will still be able to sell with a current offer.

# 8 Send messages with your company / brand name

When you send messages to your customers, you do not want them to come from an anonymous number. You want people to see the name of your brand. Again, it’s about improving brand visibility, as well as ensuring confidence in your SMS message. Many email services allow you to choose your sender ID at no additional cost. Although some countries require pre-registration for configuring sender IDs,

# 9 Customize your messages

Personalized messages can make customers feel valued, appreciated and generally warmer towards your brand. With that comes the increased possibility of a conversion. There are many ways to personalize your SMS marketing campaigns. The simplest is, as you probably guessed, to simply address your customers by name. As with emails, it is possible to make a mail-merge, so that each contact is called by his first name. If you want to go to the next level, you can also create customer relationships with two-way SMS. A message is then sent specifically to a customer, then a real person or a high-end bot can have a conversation with her. It is also possible to customize your SMS links. For example,

# 10 Monitor and monitor your results

By using short URLs with built-in UTM settings , you can track which SMS marketing campaigns get the most clicks and engagement. This will allow you to see exactly what is working for your audience and what is not, so you can optimize your future campaigns. You can experiment with different offers, CTAs, shipping times and customizations. You will also be able to see exactly what effect your SMS marketing campaigns have on your return on investment.


Many brands use SMS campaigns for more than just marketing. Some use it for customer service, such as sending password resets, appointment reminders, and delivery confirmation. Others use the SMS to have a feedback or complete a survey. And you, have you ever done an SMS marketing campaign? Tell us this in a comment below.

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