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Email Marketing

Bulk Email Service

In previous part Bulk SMS service was discussed, similarly Bulk Email service one important networking tool for business. Bulk Email means to communicate through large email to various Email addresses. Bulk Email service and Bulk SMS has lot of contrast .One notable feature is  SMS can be sent line by line but same does not apply on Bulk Email Service. Basically Email can be sent to one particular person by using SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which we merge with Web Based Bulk Email Interface.


Bulk Email services are being used by the organizations who work online or locally. They are using these on a large scale for several reasons and it is proving much helpful for a number of web based organizations.

• Web Based organizations are promotion their services & offers through Bulk Email
• Reduced Rates
• It has become a preferable way in a last couple of years for marketing

You might be thinking an organization can send 100 or 200 emails to different users manually, but what if there are thousands and hundred thousands of users and subscribers. For that, we provide Bulk Email Service, which provides the facility to automate the system and makes it effortless for the sender to spread their messages.

Our Bulk Email Web based interface have built in functionalities that can prove extremely useful for marketing. You don’t have to be master in these types of system, using twice or thrice carefully can be enough for a person to understand. A few functionalities of interface are as:

• They are coming up with Social Media integration
• Built in Templates
• Facility to do the things with Drag & Drop
• Show Delivery Rate, Open Rate and Click Rate

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