Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Remember when you usually sign up to an app, it sends you an OTP to verify your number? Remember when you register your online tickets, they send you you a text message with a link to download the tickets? It’s Diwali and all the shopping complexes, brands and shopping websites are texting you about the offers and discounts they have. Ever thought how they do it? Off-course they have huge number of customers and they do not send these messages one by one. It’s the system, it’s the software that does it. Didn’t you ever wish to have it for your business too? Yes? We have got your wish fulfilled!

Tekhook, a leading SMS service provider in India has been providing quality services to it’s customers for a considerable time as of now. We are India’s end-to-end largest Marketing Solutions provider. We provide our services to big and small businesses. We have varieties of solutions for you and a lot of features that keep on updating.

What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is nothing but sending large numbers of text messages to a large number of phone numbers, at once. This is done to inform or educate people about informations released by large enterprises of entertainment, banking, etc. It also includes sending OTP messages. It is a popular form of communication due to it’s simple way of using and low operating costs.

For example a large number of employees gets an SMS on his mobile phone from the enterprise when he gets his salary paid in the bank account.

Does your business need it?

The answer stands absolutely YES! You say how? Because, the world is connected today. It’s connected through huge cobwebs of virtual networks. Who doesn’t have a mobile phone nowadays? In which business, regular interactions do not happen or exchange of informations regularly is not needed? You need to remind your clients again and again that you exist! That you have services and  unique services for them!

Industrial products’ business? You need to pinch your clients about your discounts.

A small departmental store? You need to remind all the big and small customers about your offers.

A mere food-court or fast foo corner? You have to text them and tell them about your mouth watering dishes!

There are a lot of competitors in the market towards whom, in a flash of second, your prospects can drift to if you are unable to attract their attention. Let us help you and make it easy for you through our bulk messages.

What is the huge difference between promotional and transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS(s) are those which end users have chosen for and they’re often created by machines/API whereas promotional SMS(s) are bulk messages not only special to opt-in end users.

Why choose Tekhook?

Trusted source – Tekhook, presently in India, is leading as a Bulk SMS service provider. It is renowned and holds good prestige in the market. Tekhook is a registered telemarketer in India.

Therefore, it provides it’s services as pre Telecom Authority of India (TAI). Hence, one can conclude that Tekhook is a trusted source for your business.

Availability of our services

Tekhook’s services are available 24*7, globally. You can use our services at any time, from anywhere. We provide to you absolute flexibility of time and place.

Professional assistance – We know that to handle a new type of technology in business is difficult. It takes time to learn and fasten your hands on the use of it. That is why, Our professional team can assist you as per your choice and help you out in various tasks. The tasks like profiling customers’ personas in the system, tracking customer behaviour to your brand, etc. includes the list of all those tasks. They will let you know what features of your business attracts your prospects and help you to use those points, emphasizing for future.

You even get complimentary advices from our experts and professionals regarding different marketing strategies for you business.

Scheduling campaign feature –We know how important it is to not only reach out to your customers but also reach out to them at the right time. You are a human being! Unlike machines, you are forgetful by nature. You might stay busy and might fail to process the messages at the right time. What then? Tekhook, in it’s bulk messages service, has a feature where you fix a time of when you want to send a particular text to your prospects and update the message in the system. It automatically delivers all the texts without any fail.

Convenience – Different businesses require different things, different types of sub – features in a service. Some need less some more. We take care of all of that.

We are experts in providing our services individually or in conjunction, as per your choice and convenience.

Specialities in our Bulk message feature in Tekhook

There are a number of firms and companies that can provide you these services but we are distinguished and unique. Some of the unique features:

  • Our majority SMS applications filters does not affect NDNC ( nationwide Do Not Call Registry) blocker amounts that are charges charged prior to delivering messages.
  • Tekhook has Retry Characteristic that Re-routes the communication if neglected in any channel. There is NEVER some glitch in our network even though you will find glitches in any given amount, they are re – routed, right into the operators.
  • Delivering Bulk SMS is secure with Tekhook. We assure you maximum security at Tekhook.
  •  Tekhook includes every potential manner and ample instruments to guarantee that the receiver gets the material, zero exceptions. This is why Tekhook is the most optimal gateway of bulk messages in India.
  •  We are providing Promotional Bulk SMS Route, Transactional Bulk SMS Route, OTP Notification Route inIndia.

Prosperity comes with growth and growth in today’s date, comes with you interactions with technology. We here in Tekhook, provide all the possible assistance to you at your doorstep in minutes. Trust us once and you will always be glad. Contact us right away!

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