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We at Tekhook India strive to be the best in services offered by us. Over a period of time of our operations

Generally we have learnt how to serve our customers to their satisfaction.

Therefore Our goal is to help you grow and develop your business in line with your goals

even in times of changing markets and increasing competitive pressure. We see ourselves as an enabler, making your business more simple and competitive.

Our services are based on our three core values: innovation, simplicity and competence.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are messages which are sent to the customer to pass on information necessary

for using your product or service.

For eg, transactional messages used in banks to provide necessary information to their customers regarding the accounts they are holding.

However It is a one stop solution for the companies to share the information to their customers.

These SMS are gaining popularity in the field of e-commerce, banking, retail and all such businesses.

Almost all the companies are using Transactional SMS as the basis of sending information like process,billing

and status acknowledgment at the present time.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS  are SMS which are sent with the objective of promoting one’s product or service.

Therefore This category includes any sales & marketing messages

which may or may not be solicited by the recipient. Promotonal SMS is a one stop solution for promoting all your business activities.

However In no time, bulk sms service can reach to larger number of people at a very effective cost.

With a single click one can market their products and services.

Bulk SMS

SMS has become a part of our daily living.

From teenagers to old people, everyone uses the Bulk SMS in their day to day life.

Not only has it made communication easier and quicker,

but has also brought near and dear ones closer Bulk SMS is available at a single tap on the mobile screen.

Bulk SMSes have been witnessing an increasing popularity off late due to numerous reasons.

Bulk SMS find their applicability to both individuals and companies.

However, finding the right bulk SMS service provider in Chandigarh can be a tricky deal.

Without adequate market survey and information on the varied rates offered by different bulk sms provider in chandigarh

one can exploited and charged exorbitant rates for the services.

As our reseller we will pass on competitive rates to you so that business model you propose to your client is viable and profitable.

Reseller program is best suited for people to start their own business with minimal investment and

basic knowledge of computer. Reseller program has more take up in tier-1 and tier-2 cities and with the growing penetration of sms as an accepted medium business is expected to grow multifold.

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