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SMS Messaging with Diversity.

Tek hook is a revolutionary sms marketing system that changes the way a company can advertise their product knowledge to their customers.

With a simple control panel,

you can send sms messages of your product information such as promotion, seminars, guideline, manuals, instructions and customised events all in a text message to a list of contact in one click.

Purchasing a mobile line and buying sms credit is not required.

Neither a download and install of software is required at all, you can login online to Tek Hook SMS platform and start the campaign.

Tek Hook makes sms sending as simple as taking this task along a coffe break.

Your marketing campaign will take off on its own without the need for human resources, purchase of sms line and softwares.

Gone are the days of using mobile phone messaging, Tek Hook uses the state of the art SMS cloud architecture to delivery SMSes in the region with simplification.

As an established provider in India, Tek Hook has come a long way from providing an intuitive martekting solution to the automative engine that powers your business sales with a target audience based bulk sms marketing.

Running a campaign or product promotion can be a hassle but with

Tek Hook innovative bulk sms marketing system solves sms delivery by giving you an online platform that supports sms delivery on a great degree. We help companys improve awareness and sales.

Cloud SMS

The customer today is looking at diferent concepts of marketing.

The traditional approach of newspaper, magazine, yellow pages is taking the back seat.

Direct marketing primarily bulks sms messaging has to become the champion in the instant lead generation solution.

Tek Hook harnesses the technology of cloud, single user management, sms connection and CRM to build a holistic SMS marketing system that is easy and quick to manage.

You will not require a manual to understand the Bulk sms messaging. With an few clicks, you can create a campaign automated to bring you quality leads on the TEK HOOK sms web management.

As the saying goes “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”, Tekhook bulk sms messaging doesn’t require you to stay on the computer and monitor it.

It frees you from doing the marketing and gets you to focus on the more important part, making money and talking to the customer.

CRM integration

As the used case of CRM solution is growing in cloud space, small and big companies are taking

their customer communication over such easy onboarding digital platforms.

A CRM with a decent feature can allow interactive communication between the company and

their customer through email broadcasting and space of sms integration.

With Tek hook, you can integrate CRM such as salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk,

Vtiger and Sugarcrm over an open and straightforward API connection system.

User can upload their SMS message, load the leads and fire the messaging through Tek Hook robust sms delivery system. No CRM is bound incompatible as

Tekhook multil language platform can integrate the

bulk sms messaging to any information system in a simple to connect API access.

Bulk SMS Messaging Service Provider

The digital media market is changing the way in product advertisement. Bulk sms messaging has become the most unrestrictive, unintriusive approach to creating awareness.

Any company can send the text on whatsapp and other social media at a reach instantly but

sms still champion the way on providing integrity messaging. It is the payment impose messaging that still maintains its charm in messaging. One can get free communication service to perform their awareness campaign but they

fail to see that end user or customers are interested in seeing good news not overloading news in social media space. SMS messaing is still the fortifying solution for creating result oriented marketing. Tek hook takes the sms sending engine and provides an enhanced multiple channel sms

messaging for different information with one upload. Hence, customer can create various brand aware with difference messages and ride the Bulk sms messaging in one portal.

It is no wonder, the power of sms messaging has to lead many institutions such as a bank, retail chain, online shopping service,

finance service and even emergency service a great benefit in providing the ideal automation.

Bulk SMS Messaging Marketing is an opportunity we were excited to explore.

Tek Hook understands marketing at a ground level. With over many years of experiencein the marketing industry,

we continue to help boast customer successfully achieving their unique selling proposition by

providing an intuitive tool to measure their marketing performance.

Our tool is developed using the indept research on the customer respond behaviourial study to makes a winning marketing solution. In other words, knowing how to use the system is not enough.

We make sure you are provided with a guideline in managing your SMS BULK messaging and show you how you can gain more from its usage.

With years of marketing expertise touching on conventional to complex setup,

Tek Hook can provide you with SMS bulk messaging using journey base work flow focusing mindfully on the start of the compaign to end with advance sms reporting.

We provide SMS marketing services and Informative on distinctive approach using transactional sms & OTP sms

to a wide range of client base.

We will help you to acquire SMS marketing solutions with a perspective to increase business and maximise profit always. It can assist you in developing a comprehensive database of your audience in India.

We lead you while you take the back seat and monitor the result driven SMS bulk messaging system.

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