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What is SMS Marketing? Definition & benefits

The SMS marketing or SMS marketing is to send promotional campaigns or transactional messages via text messages (SMS). These messages are primarily intended to communicate time-limited offers, alerts or notifications to customers who have consented to receive them.

Developing a relationship with your customers takes time. You must be proactive to be where they are! Today, everyone has a mobile phone: SMS is an effective way to communicate directly with them and develop this relationship.

SMS marketing – sending SMS to your prospects & customers – is a great way to promote your offers, updates and alerts at a specific time.

Pay attention to the time you send them.

Unlike emails, which are usually accessed multiple times a day, most people view their SMS almost immediately .

Put yourself in their place and ask yourself what time you would like to receive the message you are about to send them.

Include the name of your company in your message.

Most mass SMS platforms do so via a computer system that will make sure that your recipient will not know who the issuer is. So remember to include the name of your company in your message body.

It would be a shame to send them a promo code without them knowing where to use it, right?

Use marketing SMS as a complement to your digital marketing strategy

The beauty of digital marketing is that there are many channels to use to interact with your customers! All of these channels together create a marketing strategy that allows you to create relationships with your customers scalable and automated.

SMS and emails are two ways that are very complementary. You can create campaigns across these two channels, using emails to include more details and SMS for urgent and timely information.

Why is SMS Marketing effective?

SMS is one of the most effective communication channels for several reasons:

  • The omnipresence of smartphones  : with more than 2/3 of India people with a smartphone , the SMS is a great way to touch them directly. By including a link in your SMS, you can redirect traffic to your site .
  • Strengthen your existing marketing: As said before, although emails and SMS have similarities in their implementation, you can use SMS to send instant notifications, while emails will contain more detailed information.
  • Strong commitment rate  : the commitment rate of SMS is huge compared to emails. 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes  ! This makes SMS very efficient for delivering information.
  • Relevant for Emerging Markets  : If your business operates in countries where Wifi is not common and / or expensive 3G / 4G, SMS is a much more effective and relevant way to communicate with your customers.

How does marketing SMS work?

SMS messages are sent by short numbers (or “short codes”), not whole numbers. These codes are composed of 5 or 6 numbers and can be associated with a single transmitter or shared among several.

You can send 2 types of messages with SMS:

  1.  Promotional campaigns : these are the messages that are sent en masse, at the same time, to several recipients. They are usually used to send promotions (coupon codes, sales, etc.) or general events (events, updates, etc.).
  2. Transactional  : these are messages that are automatically sent following an event. For example: an order confirmation or a delivery notification . These messages are triggered as a result of an action, at a specific time and are relevant to the recipient.

In which case is the marketing SMS used?

SMS Marketing can be used in several ways. Here are some examples of the most common use cases, so that you see how you can use them for your business:

Flash promotions for shops or e-shops.

Coupons and promotions are a great way to get more people into your physical store or online. And if you have sales or promotions planned – you want your customers to know.

SMS is a very effective way to communicate these offers, especially if you want to communicate this information while you are traveling , out of their home or during the weekend.

Updates about an event or order

Organizing an event is not easy, and you’re never immune to a last-minute change. What’s more, the more people attend your event, the more difficult it becomes to make sure everyone receives the information. The same is true for a product order, where several service providers may be involved.

With SMS, you can easily communicate any changes, cancellations or updates with a higher open rate and commitment than any other channel.

Appointment reminder

If your business works by making appointments, then you know the frustration of having customers forget their appointment time and arrive late (or not at all). It does not just jostle your schedule, but also waste time and potentially money.

Sending SMS reminders is a fantastic way to make sure your customers remember your appointment and are on time.

Internal notifications

If you have a lot of employees, it can be difficult to communicate urgent messages to everyone at the same time – the office closing time, an incident update, and so on. You can send them an email, but they may not see it in time, especially if it happens outside of office hours.

An SMS is a great way to make sure all your employees are notified of the news quickly.

Who can use SMS Marketing?

SMS can be a great addition to your digital marketing strategy, regardless of your business. They allow you to communicate very urgent information reliably.

But there are companies that benefit even more – or who can not do without:

  • E-commerce shop  : Whether you send promotional campaigns or booking confirmations, SMS is an excellent means of communication for online shops.
  • Travel companies  : SMS are essential for travel companies because their customers need real-time information. This includes flight departure times, boarding gate changes, possible cancellations, bad weather alerts, etc. With SMS you can communicate to your customers exactly what they need to know, on time.
  • Service companies that work by appointment : sending SMS reminders ensures that your customers arrive on time and on time. 
  • This saves you not only time, but also money: you reduce your “no show” rate and guarantee to be on time on your schedule.
  • Organizations with more than 100 employees  :
  • Internal communication is important, but it can sometimes be difficult to communicate information to all members of a large company. 
  • For urgent information, even the email can indeed be too slow. 
  • Using SMS for your internal com is the best way to ensure that all your employees receive your information at the right time.

You now have a better idea of ​​what marketing SMS is, and why it is a very effective means of communication:

  • His shipment is reliable
  • It creates a direct line with your customers
  • Its rates of openness and commitment are strong
  • It complements your email marketing strategy

If you’re already using email in your marketing, try including SMS in your strategy.

If you subscribe to Sendinblue, you can send SMS for promotional and transactional campaigns from the same platform as your emails .

You can also track the opening and engagement rates of your emails and SMS from your dashboard, allowing you to measure your performance across multiple channels .

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