IT IS ALMOST impossible to imagine a business not needing to advertise in a newspaper or magazine at some point or another. Newspapers particularly are prob ably the most important medium of communication for any small business. Advertising in Newspapers The paid-circulation newspaper has been around for a long time and continues to be the largest of the mass media, as measured by volume of advertising dollars. It is used by industry giants as well as corner retailers. As a small business owner, some of your advertising budget will most likely end up in your local paid-circulation newspaper. However, be careful, advertising in newspapers is no picnic and you can easily lose your shirt if you don’t know the ropes.

NOTE – There are three distinct types of newspapers, local, regional and national newspapers. Local newspapers target areas in and around your city. Regional newspapers target various counties or states. National newspapers target the whole country.
PROS of Newspaper Advertising –To its advantage, newspapers offer:
“#Extensive coverage of market –
Newspapers are the most popular advertising medium for most local businesses. They have large circulations that can easily be verified and have the potential to reach enormous markets.
“#Flexibility of scheduling, placement & size –
You can experiment with the day of the week an ad is placed in, the section it’s placed in, page positioning, words alone or words with graphics, use of color, and ad size to arrive at the best response rate vs. cost.
“#Good local coverage –
About 1,700 of the paid-circulation papers in America are daily papers and several thousand additional local papers are published weekly. Daily newspapers can target larger individual communities while weekly newspapers can be targeted towards smaller communities and neighborhoods.
“#Immediacy of response –The results of an ad will begin to show within hours of its publication. The results tend to be very heavy on the first day, and then drop off rapidly each succeeding day.
“#Per-inquiry options –
With some newspapers you can ask to pay no money upfront. The amount you pay eventually depends on the number of inquiries that come into the newspaper and on the amount of payment you had agreed upon in advance.
“#Pinpoint Targeting –
It is easy to maintain geographical control over who sees your ad.
“#Reasonable cost –
Your ad will reach many people at a lower cost per thousand (CPM) than magazines or other promotional mediums.
“#Short deadlines –
Newspapers need only a few days notice to prepare an ad for print.
“#Timeliness of ad message –
You can insert an advertisement very close to the paper’s closing deadline. This is a big advantage for selling seasonal products.
CONS of Newspaper Advertising – To its disadvantage, newspapers impose:
“#Cheapness of image –
Newspapers advertising looks cheap compared to other mediums; the print quality isn’t always the best; small typefaces cannot be used; photos are coarsely reproduced – only photos that are contrasty (heavy blacks and bright
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