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Transnational SMS Service

SMS marketing has become a vital method of promoting businesses and keeping in touch with customers.
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Transnational SMS service

 SMS marketing has become a vital method of promoting businesses and keeping in touch with customers. One can send promotional sms in form of bulk sms to as many receivers as you want. Sometimes you might also decide to send transnational SMS. Transnational sms are notification sms that do not have to be promotional, but rather the user has chosen to receive them. It can be used in businesses to send warnings, notices and important information to clients. Examples include messages sent by a bank to a customer detailing a credit transaction on his/her account or a message sent by a company to a client showing the details of an invoice or possibly how to use a product.  The template for such sms differs from the regular ones. It includes say order details, amount and a thank you column perhaps. Here are some basic features of transnational SMS;

  • It can be sent via a DND (Do not Disturb) number
  • It can be used to deliver very important messages with the help of bulk sms
  • Transnational messages do not have time constraints unlike promotional sms
  • Personalized sms can be easily sent to a client using he API gateway that has been integrated in the software

 Benefits of Transnational Bulk SMS

  1. Transnational bulk sms help keep your customers on the know of what is happening with any part of their ownership or partnership with your business. This helps them build trust and confidence in the service
  2. The sms sent can be customized to relay what the business stands for and wants to be seen as
  3. It is a very speedy and efficient way of delivering important information to customers

Choosing A transnational bulk sms provider

A good sms provider will have you and your customer’s best interests at heart. It will offer the best sms value for your money. Below are certain things to consider when choosing your sms provider;

  1. Should have a Simple API: Having a simple API will make sms to be sent through gateways within seconds. This will increase the promptness of getting to the customer, making it more useful to them.
  2. SMS Delivery: In case all customers do not get a message, a food provider should have a means of rerouting the message through another channel to ensure that the intending receiver actually gets it.
  3. Useful Add-ons: Add-ons like Bulk SMS excel plugins, mobile apps etc should be including by your sms provider.This would make business communication easier and very efficient.
  4. Should provide Internal SMS service: There should be provision made for a default internal sms gateway facility. This will give a very wide sms coverage hat could cut across different regions, industries and various sectors.

Transnational SMS make a business more reliable to the customers. It keeps the customers abreast and on time too, incase they need to take an action with regards to the content of the message. The key for getting optimal sms service packages is choosing the right bulk sms provider.

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