Trasactional Messages

Transactional messages – A transactional message is one which is sent to a recipient about the status of a product or service bought by him.
Suppose you have a garment business and someone has placed an order for certain product. As soon as he places an order, he receives a message of order being placed and money being transferred. Later, he also keeps receiving messages about the status of the product till delivery.

Benefits of transactional messages:

    • Keeps the buyer updated about the product or service bought.
    • Ensures him that his service is in safe hands.
    • Allows the confirmation of money transaction being made. Hence, more security with surety.
    • It helps schedule appointments (if any) as soon as the transaction is made.
      For example, you are conducting an online consultancy appointment or a webinar, after the buyer pays the money or makes the booking, he gets the timing of the event with the confirmation of transaction.

Isn’t that convenient? Don’t you think that will you build good public and customer relations in your business? It makes your business to stand  stronger in the competition in markets. It helps you be more advanced and gives reminder to your customers about your brand.

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