Types of Advertising Media

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The different types of advertising media

  1. Newspaper Advertising – 

Local or National Daily or weekly


–Large readership and a high level of reader involvement

–Advertisers can target certain people

–The cost is relatively low

–Ads are timely


–Short life

–Black and white (although many papers are changing to color format)


2. Magazine Advertising –

Classified ads – Local, regional, or national

–Weeklies, monthlies, and quarterlies

–Consumer or business (trade)


–Can target audiences

–Longer life span

–Print quality is good

–People keep magazines longer than newspapers

–Offer a variety of presentation formats


–Less mass appeal within a geographical area

–More expensive

–Deadlines make them less timely


3. Direct Mail Advertising – Sent by businesses directly through the mail

–Sent to a home or business

–Electronic mail

  • Includes newsletters, catalogs, coupons, samplers, price lists, circulars, invitations, postage-paid reply cards, and letters.
  • Mailing lists are assembled from current customer records or they may be purchased.


–Can be highly selective

–Controlled timing

–Can be used to actually make the sale


–Low response level

–People think of it as “junk mail”

–Cost is high



5. Directory Advertising

  • An alphabetical listing of households and businesses.
  • The best known are telephone directories.


–Relatively inexpensive

–Can be used with all demographic groups

–Are found in most of the households

–Usually kept for at least a year


–Only printed once a year

–Some service business’ are used infrequently; therefore, directory advertising must be combined with another type.


6. Outdoor Advertising

  • Standardized signs are available to local, regional, or national advertisers.
  • Purchased from outdoor advertising companies in standard sizes
  • Are placed in highly traveled roads, and freeways where there is high visibility.
  • Posters – pre-printed sheets put up like wallpaper on outdoor billboards.
  • Painted bulletins – painted billboards that are changed about every six months to a year.
  • Spectaculars – use lights or moving parts and are in high traffic areas.


–Highly visible and relatively inexpensive

–24-hour a day message and located to reach specific target markets


–Becoming more restricted – increasingly regulated

–Limited viewing time


7. Transit Advertising

  • Uses public transportation facilities
  • Commuter trains, taxis and buses, station posters near or in subways and in railroad, bus, and airline terminals


–Reaches a wide captive audience


–Defined market


–Not available in smaller towns and cities

–Subject to defacement


8. Television Advertising

  • Communicates with sound, action, and color.
  • Prime time is between 8 and 11 p.m.
  • Is appealing to large companies with widespread distribution.


–Can be directed to an audience with a specific interest

–Message can be adapted to take advantages of holidays and special events


–Highest production cost of any media type

–High dollar cost for the time used

–Actual audience size is not assured – people leave the room or channel surf – effect of TIVO



9. Radio

  • Radio reaches 90 % of people ,which makes it very effective
  • Best times are “drive times” – morning and late afternoon/early evening


–Can select an audience, such as teens by choosing the right station

–More flexible than print – messages can be easily changed

–It’s a mobile medium – can be taken just about anywhere


–Short life span – when broadcast, it is over

–Lack of visual involvement


10. Online Advertising

  • Placing advertising messages on the Internet
  • Banner ads – created with rich media technology that uses the strategy of popping up and interrupting the readers search


11. Specialty Media

  • Relatively inexpensive, useful items with an advertisers name printed on them
  • Given away with no obligation attached
  • Calendars, magnets, pens, pencils, memo pads, and key chains


12. Other Advertising Media

  • Businesses are constantly creating innovative means of transmitting their messages
  • Sports arena billboards, ads in movie theaters, hot air balloons and blimps, skywriting, etc.



Media Planning and Selection – The process of selecting the advertising media and deciding the time or space in which the ads should appear to accomplish a marketing objective

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